Big Tuskers

The (original) magnificent seven – all super-tuskers, roamed Kruger National Park in South Africa in the seventies and eighties. Each had ivory in excess of one-hundred pounds per side. Sadly, you would be hard-pressed to find a single hundred-pounder alive in Kruger today. In order to feature another magnificent seven in our film: Last of the Big Tuskers, our crew returned to Kruger, then traveled with James and with Tom to Kenya to compare the elephants of Amboseli National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park and Tsavo National Park to the last of the super-tuskers of Tembe.

Featured elephants:
One Ton
Tim & Craig

For Isilo (and for Tom), Tembe Elephant Park is where a story was lived and loved. For everyone else, this big part of their story continues on – a story with big tuskers.